Stop Chasing Leads, Forever!

Not knowing where your next commission is coming from can be stressful, wouldn’t it be great if instead of chasing leads, they were chasing you ?  

Learn the science behind figuring out EXACTLY how to create demand and generate a flow of high-quality leads.

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Stop Wasting Money On Bad Marketing!

You probably already know you need clear, compelling marketing that converts traffic into clients, but you find it overwhelming and frustrating to create. Well, it doesn't have to be this way. I believe that good businesses deserve to have an effective marketing system!

Are you tired of ...

  • Not getting the results you expected?

  • Cold Calling, Door Knocking, Sending Out Bulk Mailers?

  • Over paying for leads or relying on sporadic referrals for appointments?

Imagine what it would be like to create a consistent flow of new leads, nurture them, covert them into clients, manage your systems, your time, and still have energy left to enjoy life like the Top Producers do.

You don't have to imagine anymore.  I am going to show you what the Top Producers are doing to be successful, while most realtors are struggling to survive.  I know the formula of the successful agents because I became one myself, and now I help others achieve the same success.

Top producers have a plan, a road map to keep their business on track and always moving toward their end goal.

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Get the Realtor's Guide to Consistently Closing Deals Without Making Another Cold Call!

This is a proven framework I use to help full-time REALTORs close more deals and create consistent income.

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A Key to Success ...

Automation is a key component that Top Producers utilize as much as possible because their main focus is on running their business - not allowing their business to run them.

Using online methods to get quality leads and referrals is a major struggle for many. Here are three main reasons why:

  • People get overwhelmed with the many things that they need to do to stay ahead… creating blogs, updating social media, setting up ads, networking, never-ending meetings, lunches, requesting reviews, following up, attending trainings. Phew… just saying it’s exhausting!

  • They have invested time and money in marketing tactics that never seem to work.

  • When you finally get a referral or lead through all these efforts, you find out the majority of them were tire-kickers. They weren’t ready to move forward.

Are you ready to see the exact steps to get more quality leads and referrals that close automatically (without you having to do it all yourself)?

Learn How to Attract Qualified Prospects At Will ...


The system I teach consists of 9 steps to learn how to close more deals and create a consistent income without having to make cold calls. I have been a top producing Real Estate Broker for over 40yrs.

This 9 step strategy reflects the EXACT STEPS that not only I use but many of the nations top Realtors use each and every day…in short, this is the stuff that works right now! Not 10-20 years ago.

If you could sell 2-3 more houses a month would that have a meaningful impact on your life?

If you are prepared for the positive change that is going to if you follow my 9 steps then book your FREE strategy call below.

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Top Producers have these - Do You?

If you are serious about having a constant flow of quality prospects and a steady income here's the entire puzzle ...

  • An OFFER your prospects can’t refuse
  • DIFFERENTIATE yourself from your competition
  • MARKETING that’s automated
  • Consistent TRAFFIC and CLOSINGS
  • CONVERSION systems that are predictable and constantly delivering new clients
  • FOLLOW-UP strategies that are immediate, constant and creating sales
If you haven’t mastered these, then we need to talk

It’s time to start focusing on what matters.

Fill your pipeline with the RIGHT prospects and turn them into amazing clients consistently.​

It isn't enough to "get more leads." It doesn't matter how many leads you get if they are not qualified.

This system will take the drudgery out of lead generation. It will help you take back wasted time, make revenue more predictable, relationships more profitable, and sales processes more repeatable in a way that is faster and more cost-effective than current systems.

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Discover the 3-step formula

Top producers use this system to attract high-quality leads and close more deals

without bugging their family members and friends.


This is is the beginning of the journey. Here you have to be honest with yourself and identify where you are in your business compared to where you wanted to be at this point in your career.

Then, you have to define a niche prospect you want to work with. Because you can't be everything to everyone.

Next, you need to formulate a message that is addressing their pain/frustration. They have to see your solution as something they must have right now.


In order to be a top producer you need to use a proven marketing system to consistently attract highly qualified prospects, so you're not wasting time with unqualified leads.

You must separate yourself from the competition. In Real Estate, just like in business the competition is fierce and aggressive. It seems that every deal is a dogfight. Your prospects do not see any real difference between agents. You need to stop selling your services and start tailoring differentiated solutions focused on the problems and challenges of your prospects.


Here is where you connect with your leads, turn them into prospects, and then cultivate them into clients. This is the stage where many agents fail.  They don’t follow up with any regularity.

Usually, after 1 contact 50% of the agents have given up. After 4 contacts 97% have given up. Over time you will build a strong relationship with the prospect who hasn’t already become a client.

You have heard it said,“the money is in the follow-up".


Are you ready to get your business off the cashflow rollercoaster?

The Endless Cashflow Rollercoaster Loop

Starting and growing a business isn’t easy.

There are a lot of moving parts, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one simple element: cashflow.

Your business lives or dies by your ability to generate it.

Unfortunately, too many businesses get stuck riding the cashflow rollercoaster. One month you bring in a few clients and are riding high because you have cash in the bank. But if you do not have a system to get new clients consistently, no clients come in the next month and you’re back at zero. This is what most businesses face every month.

The only way to free yourself from the cashflow rollercoaster is to put a system in place, proven to bring you leads and clients every single month. Doing so increases your revenue and lifestyle.

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Ready to take control of your Lead Generation?

Let’s talk about getting you on the phone with better prospects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to solve your lead generation problems, book a 1-on-1 strategy session with me to discuss your business, your sales process, and whether or not this system would be a good fit for your needs.