3 Things to Know About the Building Permit

Building Permit

If you’re planning an upcoming home revamp, you may be wondering about the permit process. While it varies from state to state,  here are a few need-to-knows about building permits. When Do You Need One? “Small cosmetic fixes—say, a new paint job or landscaping—generally do not require a building permit. Structural modifications or any changes…

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Appraised Value Vs. Market Value

Market Value vs Appraised Value

There’s a long list of variables to wade through when buying or selling a home. One of the biggest and most important, however, is pricing. For a seller, figuring out the right price tag for your home could make or break the speed of your sale. For a buyer, offering too low can kill a…

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Prospecting vs. Marketing

I Believe the two biggest pain points for most agents are: Prospecting  and Marketing  What is Prospecting?  Prospecting is outbound marketing. The goal of prospecting is to chase people that may or may not be interested in the services you have to offer and, then ultimately, converting them into clients. One classic view of prospecting is cold calling or door-to-door…

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3 Common Marketing Mistakes

Is your business struggling? Do you work too much and have no time for yourself? Are you looking to create a consistent income and constant flow of qualified leads? Then STOP making these 3 common marketing mistakes.  Marketing Mistake #1 Confusing Message  Make your message clear and clean. Too many times I can’t figure out what people are trying…

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