3 Common Marketing Mistakes

Is your business struggling? Do you work too much and have no time for yourself? Are you looking to create a consistent income and constant flow of qualified leads? Then STOP making these 3 common marketing mistakes. 

Marketing Mistake #1 Confusing Message 

Make your message clear and clean. Too many times I can’t figure out what people are trying to sell. 

The average person visits Facebook 17 times per day.  That is a huge audience, don’t miss out on all those prospects because they can’t figure out what you’re trying to say or asking them to do. 

Marketing Mistake #2 Marketing to the WRONG Audience 

You can be the greatest realtor in the world and have a fabulous message but if you don’t have prospects you can still go broke.  You must make sure that your marketing message doesn’t fall on deaf ears, it needs to hit your target market square between the eyes. It doesn’t pay to market to the entire general public, your message needs to be targeted to those to whom it will benefit. 

Marketing Mistake #3 On again Off again Marketing 

Agents have a tendency to market only when they aren’t busy. Once they get busy there isn’t time to do any marketing and they don’t have any extra time to spend with new prospects. 

In order to keep the pipeline full at all times, you must avoid these common marketing mistakes and continually market.  You can’t take time off from marketing, because once you do your pipeline begins to dry up. 


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