Time is Flying!

As an Real Estate Professional, TIME is your most valuable asset. 

The Question is…

What Side of the Business do you spend most of your time on?

Real Estate is Really TWO businesses

  • ​HELPING Clients to Buy or Sell a Home – the part you got into business to do and the part that feels like the revenue-generating activity because success here is the final step in delivering an income. 
  • FINDING Clients to work with – the hard part we all want to avoid.  It’s a constant search for a needle in a haystack and a constant source of frustration, rejection, and disappointment and where you can feel like you are investing endlessly with little direct results.

The hardest part to accept about being a professional in the Real Estate Industry is that you can be the BEST at selling and servicing your clients but if you don’t have enough clients to work with, you will fail to achieve the income you are looking for.

STOP wasting your valuable time on the endless chase for new clients and start attracting prospects to chase YOU.  Get them to book themselves directly onto your calendar so that your time is spent in the most efficient and productive manner possible!

What’s the Value of The Cribbin System?

The Cribbin System is your ultimate solution to the frustrations nearly everyone in the real estate industry shares!

You have to ask yourself, aren’t you sick and tired of feeling like you’ll never escape…

  • Income Uncertainty?  Never knowing if you’ll have enough to fulfill your needs, both privately and professionally?
  • Having to Chase Cold, Unqualified, Disinterested, and sometimes downright Rude prospects?
  • Wasting your Money on Buying leads that never produce resulting clients?
  • Being Married to Your Phone and Your Business and never having any clear time to yourself?
  • Squandering your weekends at Open Houses and being regularly disappointed in turnout results?
  • Living in Fear of losing a deal in process because you are relying on that to close successfully to meet your financial obligations?
  • Compromising your Values because nothing seems as important as achieving financial security?
  • Turning every Event and Social situation into an opportunity to Market, sharing your business cards with friends, families and all known associates at every turn?
  • Being Pushed by Trainers, Coaches, Managers and Peers who keep assuring you that hard work and effort will translate directly into success?  Even though you may be giving everything you have as it is?
  • Letting the Family Suffer as you regularly have to ask them to defer to your career so you can provide for them, even as you deny them your nurturing and attention?

Is anything more important than being able to succeed without having to sacrifice every reason TO succeed in the process?

The greatest secret is that what we want is not just to have more, but to have the time to enjoy having more!

I believe you are worth it.  I believe the value of your time can be much greater than you have ever experienced it to be.  I believe you can have much more time and that I can show you how to reach out and take it.

There are so many ways to generate clients and the vast majority of them are hugely time consuming and expensive and you can easily end up investing far more than you can ever get a return on.

You NEED a way to inexpensively and efficiently generate a steady flow of motivated, qualified prospects.  You need an effortless method that fills your lead pipeline without you wasting your valuable time and morale challenging efforts.

There may seem to be a connection between hard work, long hours, and income, but as with anything, working SMARTER, rather than HARDER is going to produce more powerful results.  If you are spinning your wheels suffering through hordes of unqualified, indecisive, impossible to satisfy, even harder to contact, time WASTING prospects to find that perfect prospect, you MUST find a better way!  This is it!

I believe this program isn’t just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.  Our lives aren’t measured in Dollars, but in Hours.  Get more from the life you’ve been given!

 It DOESN’T have to be this way!

I understand why and how you struggle with all of the above-mentioned challenges.  I’ve BEEN THERE!  I’ve made all of these mistakes and almost all agents, big and small have.  When I was learning the industry, I looked around at what all the other Real Estate agents were doing, and I copied them.

 Copying wasn’t a bad plan and I succeeded for a while, moderately, until the recession hit in 2008.  At that point everything collapsed, and I was hopelessly devastated.

 Part of my journey out of this mess was to become greater than before. So, my plan was to learn everything I could about marketing.

All the successful agents and entrepreneurs had a plan, a road map to keep their business on track and always moving toward their end goal, so, I made one also.

Automation is a key component that Top Producers utilize as much as possible because their main focus is on running their business – not allowing their business to run them.

Using online methods to get quality leads and referrals is a major struggle for many. And there are three main reasons why:

1) People get overwhelmed with the many things that they need to do to stay ahead like creating blogs, updating social media, setting up ads, networking, never-ending meetings, lunches, requesting showings, following up, attending training. Phew… just saying it’s exhausting!

2) They have invested time and money in marketing tactics that never seem to work.

3) When you finally get a referral or lead through all these efforts, you find out the majority of them were tire-kickers. They weren’t ready to move forward.

Are you ready to see the exact steps to get more quality leads and referrals that close automatically (without you having to do it all yourself)?

Top Producers have these – Do You? An OFFER your prospects can’t refuse
that Differentiates you from your competition
MARKETING that’s automated
CONVERSION systems that are predictable and constantly delivering new clients
FOLLOW-UP strategies that are immediate, constant and creating sales
If you haven’t mastered these, then we need to talk.

My signature solution will teach you how to identify and attract qualified prospects to you in a systematic fashion and being able to do so at will. You will learn how to create an irresistible message that will draw prospects to you and you only, you will learn how to automate your marketing and systems for consistent traffic and closing. Finally, you will learn to follow up strategies to keep you in contact with those who didn’t become clients.

Now you have 2 choices:

1. You can continue what you’ve been doing up until now and ignore this advice or

2. You can act on this information, start implementing these strategies and change your life

The choice is yours

To Schedule, a Free Strategy Call with me go to Calendly.com/mike-coach

If you are serious about having a constant flow of quality prospects and a steady income. I just created a short training where I show you exactly how to go from where you are today in your business to where you always want to be.

To get access to the training click this link Stop Chasing Prospects & Get them to Chase You! – Real Estate Coaching with Mike Cribbin

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