Best Way to Attract New Clients – Part 3

It’s not about chasing prospects anymore, it’s about Attracting them to you instead. You have to STOP doing what everyone else is doing, STOP running the same type ads. Instead, you need to leverage what you have learned. You must differentiate yourself from the competition. Here is where the magic begins. You need to market your unique solutions to the challenges of your ideal niche.


You must separate yourself from the competition to win the battle.

In Real Estate, just like in business the competition is fierce and aggressive.  It seems that every deal is a dogfight and your prospects do not see any real difference between agents.  You need to stop selling your services and start tailoring differentiated solutions focused on the problems and challenges of your prospects so that your niche will begin to see a difference between you and the other agents.

To be a top agent you must be able to answer the question, “why should I choose you versus any other agent?”

As an agent, you must separate yourself from the competition to be seen as an expert.

USP or Irresistible Message

Why should I choose you over any other realtor or provider of the same service?  Your USP, Unique Selling Proposition.

What is your USP?  Think hard on this one as it can change your business for the best, or it can destroy your business.

To help you get started on your USP or as I call it your Irresistible Message you need to ask yourself these 3 questions.

1.      What specifically do you do that’s truly different compared to competitors?

2.      How do you uniquely benefit your target market?

3.      Can you niche your target in a way nobody else can or will?

No Difference

Buyers and Sellers perceive no real difference between agents.

You make hundreds of prospecting calls, knock on doors and leave tons of emails only to be told: “you are all the same, what is your commission rate, and will you cut it?”

To combat this, you need to demonstrate that you are an expert who solves the prospect’s problems. You need a solution for their pain and frustrations.  Show them value.  This way, you will be differentiating yourself from your competition.  You have to position yourself as a problem solver. I know I am repeating but it is extremely important that you do this.

Differentiate thru Marketing

Marketing Differentiation will intrigue your prospects to take a look at what you have to offer, but it does not cause them to want to do business with you right now.

Differentiate thru Sales

Sales Differentiation is where you have a dialogue with a prospect, and you provide meaningful value because 74% of prospects choose the first agent that adds value and insight.

In sales, rejection is a way of life, and many days end in frustration but, sales differentiation will help you convert the prospect intrigue into action to win the deal.

You have to find out what differentiates you from your competition.  What makes you different? Unique?


Not all differentiators will matter to everyone but some differentiators will need to show value to the buyer/seller.

You need to ask yourself two questions:

1. As the buyer/seller lies in bed at night thinking about their decision, what is keeping them up?

2. How can what I am offering address their fears and frustrations?

Remember not all differentiators matter to all buyers/sellers, or in all circumstances.

Sales differentiation requires the salesperson to position why it matters to the buyer/seller.


Do your competitors have massive, colorful marketing pieces?  Fluff.  By positioning yourself as the expert, you don’t need to send the same type of stuff, if you do you aren’t any different than them. Just tell them they can read all the marketing information on your website.  The statement of what you intend to do is in their hands. Within this document, they will know exactly what they are getting when they choose you.

Consider the challenges frustrating your buyers/sellers and how you can help address them. Remember it is not how you sell that will differentiate you from your competition it is what you are offering, a solution to their problem.

Sales differentiation is not limited by the services you offer, but rather by the solutions that can be innovated to address buyer/seller challenges.

Differentiate thru Marketing

Can you imagine if the police force’s crime resolution strategy was to go to every home and say, “did you commit a crime today? If so, can you tell me which one, so we can close the case?” No suspects would ever be captured.

So then why do agents blindly make cold calls hoping to find suspects that they can turn into prospects?  This process is painful for the agent, and it’s a miserable experience for the person on the other end of the phone. You need a way to engage them so that they’ll want to learn more about what you have to offer. Unfortunately, most agents handle prospecting calls in much the same way kids play pin the tail on the donkey: They blindly wander, hoping to hit the target.  This rarely works.  Why should they want to talk with you right now?

Differentiate thru Focus

Your focus, however, should be on what would motivate this person to explore what you have to offer.

Many agents think the more calls they make, the sooner they will be successful. I disagree; the number of calls alone won’t get you where you need to be.  Besides, most of your calls will go to voicemail.

You need a creative way to engage buyers so that you stand out from the competition.  Do your research, find out the pains, frustrations, what is keeping them up at night, and address those issues.

Differentiate thru Your Goal

When communicating with buyers/sellers, your goal is to be perceived as different in a positive way. The way that you can be different in putting their interest in the forefront.

A foundation element of your sales differentiation strategy is the recognition that you know more about the world of potential solutions than your buyers/sellers do.

There are the challenge questions that expose aspects that a buyer/seller perceives can be better or different from what they already have.  Remember, buyers/sellers consider the agent they presently have and what they do as the industry standard.

Attorney or Agent

We must act like attorneys in a courtroom. We must ask questions that are crafted to paint the picture for buyers/sellers – the jury – the attorney wants them to see. That’s what positioning questions do for us. They lead our prospects down the path, so they see what you want them to see.

You end with “What did we talk about today that was different from what you expected we would talk about?”

It’s not what agents say to buyers/sellers, but rather what they ask of buyers/sellers, that differentiates them from the competition.

Buyers/sellers all think they know what they want. Or do they?

Buyers and Sellers don’t know what questions to ask when interviewing agents; they need guidance. So, give it to them.

You have an opportunity to take advantage of your competitors’ vulnerability by using sales differentiation.  Don’t miss this opportunity.


There is business that happens to you and the business that you make happen. To be a superstar, go make it happen.

Sales differentiation allows you to shape buyer/seller decision criteria.

Always think ahead. What are the common concerns on the minds of my buyers/sellers?

Differentiate yourself by addressing buyer/seller concerns before they arise.

Sales differentiation is a moment in time, not a permanent state. It needs to be reviewed continually. The game will change, and you must change with it to continue winning deals.

The irrefutable differentiator is YOU…make it invaluable!

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