Best Way to Attract New Clients – Part 2

What is it you want your prospects to hear? It’s not about what are you saying but what they are hearing.


Do you have a great marketing message? Most agents don’t. An Irresistible message is one that is concise and clear saying to the right niche or market, “Here’s what I’m all about and here’s why you should choose me.” 

Your message isn’t good enough if it only grabs people’s attention for a moment. 

You want to continue to earn people’s attention. The goal is for people to be so intrigued with you, your idea and offering that they voluntarily choose to share it with others.

3 Questions

When creating your irresistible message, you need to be able to answer these 3 questions:

1. What specifically do I do that is different from my competitors? 

2. How do I benefit my Niche?

3. Why should they choose to do business with me? 


You need to determine the exact problem, pain, or frustration, that your niche has and then create your message to solve that problem.

Your irresistible message needs to be clear and delivered to the right audience in a way that gets their attention.

I have seen too many agents throwing stuff at the walls to see what sticks. Their marketing tactics lack focus and they get frustrated when they don’t get the results they expected.


Everything about marketing comes down to the audience – your target audience. 

Most agents market to the wrong people or they are saying the wrong things. Your marketing has to speak to the right person, and it has to say the right things to that person.

Prospects are people who may not even know you exist.   The goal is to get your prospect to know you and respond to your message.
If you don’t give your ideal prospect a compelling reason why your offer is different, they most likely go with the agent that has the lowest commission rate.

Putting the right stuff in front of the wrong people or the wrong stuff in front of the right people is one of the first marketing mistakes made by agents. That’s why I stress the importance of identifying your niches pain and frustrations.


Now that you know what your niche wants, you need to package it up and present it as an irresistible offer.  Remember to target the pain and frustration of your prospect.

Your goal is to be a problem solver, a pain reliever and to turn any comparison with your competition into an apples – to- oranges comparison.  People are much more willing to pay for a cure than for prevention.  Targeting existing pain rather than promising future pleasure will result in much higher conversions and more clients.

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