Are You tired of not getting the results you expected?

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have you fallen into the self employment trap?

you built a job for yourself not a business!

You're so busy doing the "job" of your business that you can't step back and focus on growing your business. What's more, because of the way you are building your business, the more success you have, the more trapped you become inside your company.

Top producers have a plan, a road map to keep their business on track and always moving toward their end goal.

In this course, you’ll get instant access to the ebook, an action guide - business plan summary, worksheets, and business plan template, and the slides from a webinar I did on this topic pulse much more.

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Struggling to generate leads and clients for your business?

Struggling to generate leads and clients for your business?

Cold Calling, Door Knocking, Send Out Bulk Mailers without Success?

Or maybe Overpaying for leads or relying on sporadic referrals for appointments?

You know you need a plan but you don't know where to start.

A business plan helps keep you on track. It ensures that you focus your
attention on the right things and helps you avoid mistakes that could sink you.

Most of the business owners I talk with each week on strategy calls are tired of the roller coaster of feast and famine cycle that comes from depending on word of mouth referrals.

They book a strategy session with me because they're looking for help and want to know how to generate a consistent stream of leads, clients, and income.

this course will put a END to those struggles!

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tHIS COURSE will help you build a business that will support you financially AND GIVE YOU YOUR LIFE BACK!

This course is very thorough but I promise you that once you complete it and have your business plan in hand you'll never again feel overwhelmed and out of control. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to running your business.

Here's what is covered in this course:

  • The 5 Modules and 19 Lessons in this course. 
  • In Module 1 - The Plan you will be learning what a business plan is and why you need one. You will also be identifying your vision, goals, and competition.
  • In Module 2 - Identify you will be identifying who your client is, their pains/frustration, how you are going to help them, and what your message is going to be to them.
  • In Module 3 - Attract you will be identifying how you are going to lead generate and what type of marketing you are going to do. You will also be looking at how to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • In Module 4 - Convert you will be identifying how you are going to capture, nurture, and convert your leads. You will be discussing how you are going to track your numbers.
  • In Module 5 - The Plan you write your business plan.

You’ll also receive instant access to the templates, worksheets, sample business plans, and much more!

I created How to Write A Highly effective Business Plan to walk you through my

very own online marketing/selling system that has helped build

my company to where it is today.


I want to help you create more security for you and your family, so no matter what is going on in the world, you're thriving.

I Understand That When I Act Now, I get Immediate Access to "How to Write an Effective Business Plan" which includes:

5 modules of training and templates, worksheets, sample business plans, and much more!

NORMALLY  $997      NOW  $7