Here are 3 steps that successful Realtors are using to create a consistent flow of deals and income, and still energy left to enjoy life.


The first step is “Focus” here you have to clearly identify where it is you are and where you want to end up. You have to define the niche prospect want to work with. Then you need to market to that niche and formulate the message you want them to hear.


The next step is “Attract” Here you create a plan to attract the type of prospects you would like as clients.  Draw them to you thru unique and compelling Marketing techniques and systems that differentiate you from other realtors. These prospects will see you as the person they want to work with.


The final step is “Convert”. Here is where you connect with your leads, turn them into prospects and then cultivate them into clients. This is the stage where many agents fail.  They don’t follow up with any regularity.

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More Deals & Consistent Income

As simple and powerful as it may seem, not everyone is not going to be your client, nor should they be. You need to find out what your ideal client looks like and focus all your efforts on them and only them.

This is a proven framework I use to help full-time realtors close more deals and create consistent income. This system is broken down into 3 stages with each stage consisting of 3 steps.

Success Pyramid

This pyramid represents the 4 different stages of a Realtors Business.

On the first level you are inconsistent, overwhelmed and Frustrated, the second level is where you are developing consistency, you are surviving, probably exhausted but closing 2 deals or so a month. The 3rd level is where you are thriving, confident and closing 3 deals per month or more. The top of the pyramid is where the agent to producing at least 4 deals per month and the business isn’t reliant on the owner.

Profit Pyramid with CTA

Next Steps…

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