Don’t Give Up! 4 Ways to Improve Perseverance

It’s very easy to give up when things don’t go your way. We’ve all been in situations where a missed opportunity has discouraged us and made it difficult to persevere. Life is full of challenges. Nevertheless, it’s important that you keep trying. Every day you try is another chance for success.

Once you accept that you’re destined for success, giving up is no longer an option!

Instead of throwing in the towel, seize success by following these strategies to acquire the drive to persevere and achieve your goals:

  1. Analyze why you didn’t succeed. This is perhaps the most crucial step in ensuring you don’t give up easily. Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with failure, so much so that we just feel the urge to curl up and cry. However, by analyzing what actually prevented your victory, you might be surprised at how simple the fix can be.
    • Did you forget a crucial step?
    • Were external forces affecting your focus?
    • Did you prepare yourself enough for the challenge?
    • Is it something you truly wanted to pursue, to begin with?
  2. Reward yourself. Even though you might not have achieved the success you were expecting, that doesn’t mean you didn’t give your 100% effort to the task. And your efforts should never go unrewarded! Reward yourself for what did go right and treat yourself to a “pick-me-up” when you’ve fallen down:
    • Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.
    • Show yourself some love by getting a massage.
    • Get your car detailed. A spotless car can look brand new and might actually help you to feel brand new!
  3. Carry out activities that you do well. Often, not succeeding may cause you to shy away from ever trying something again. You can build your inner strength and confidence by performing activities that you know you’re good at.
    • Get out on the court and play some winning basketball.
    • Challenge an opponent to a game of chess.
    • Work at balancing those income and expenditure reports.
    • Do anything you know you’re good at to help build (or rebuild) your confidence.
  4. Set smaller, attainable goals. Just because you didn’t score the last time doesn’t mean you can’t score at all. Why not break up that big goal into smaller, more attainable ones? Perhaps you were overwhelmed by the task and somehow lost focus.
    By breaking it up into smaller goals, you’ll be more likely to achieve the big goal. No one ever said that perseverance was easy; in fact, it can be extremely difficult to look past the mistakes, failures, and under-achievements and try again. However, being able to
    persevere and push through until you win shows true strength and resolve.
    So don’t give up too easily. You can’t win them all, but you know that you definitely have what it takes to succeed.
    Once you build your confidence, drive, and will power, you’ll see how easily you can develop the ability to persevere until you achieve what you set out to achieve. Nothing is impossible once you believe in yourself and allow that belief to drive you forward!

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