Experts Never Chase

By: Cat Stancik and Tobin Slaven 

Stop Marketing and Start Growing Your Business by Creating More Conversations with the Right People 

How can I consistently find my next high-ticket client? 

This burning question has many expert-based entrepreneurs tossing and turning at night. Experts in all walks of life often feel like a best-kept secret and struggle to create the consistency and predictability in their business that will lead to financial freedom. 

Is this happening to you? 

Perhaps you were taught tactics that failed to deliver the results you were promised. Those tactics didn’t work because they aren’t in alignment with who you are, which is why they may have felt sleazy, slimy, and smarmy. 

The reason that happened is because you weren’t taught the skills that will consistently help you find your next ideal client. I am going to show you exactly how to do this. 

This article was written with you in mind, the expert entrepreneur, who is trying to find the fastest path to creating repeatable success, without the hustle, hassle, and headaches that come from chasing clients. 

Growing your business isn’t about chasing prospects and wrestling them down to the ground to get their business. Instead, you’ll learn how to leverage your hard-earned expertise and authority with simple strategies that will convert for you. 

The steps, systems, and strategies shared in the Cribbin System are your roadmap to accomplish one primary objective: enroll a new client daily. 

It all starts with how you…start. 

Attracting clients isn’t about creating some fancy funnel where you sit back and watch the money roll in. It requires your active participation to create an attractive experience for your new connections. 

It’s a bit like speeding around a racetrack. There are 4 turns to navigate so you can create a winning experience: 

  1. Research-Know where to find your perfect potential clients online in large numbers, specifically looking for the “Awesome” in them, what is unique and interesting about them that can help with initiating conversation. 
  1. Attention-Know what to do and say to get your potential client’s attention. 
  1. Conversation-Start new conversations that can organically and easily become sales conversations. 
  1. Enroll-Know when and how to make an offer to work together. 

These are the exact steps that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their businesses, including us, and it will help you do the same. 

The best part about these strategies? They will always work, no matter what is happening in the world around us, because they’re based on genuine connections with real people. 

 Imagine turning on your car and trying to drive out of the parking lot in fourth gear. 

 It’s not possible, even for the best of drivers. No matter how many times you try, it’s just not going to work. Even worse, you’re probably doing damage to your car! 

 Cars are not meant to be driven out of the parking lot in fourth gear, and neither is your business. 

 That’s where most people make mistakes…by falling into the trap of running ads, creating funnels, and trying other automation tactics. 

 If you don’t know enough about who you work best with and how you solve their problems, you might as well open your window and throw money out when you start using ads, funnels, and automation. 

 Don’t get me wrong. Ads, funnels, and automation can work when you have the right information to make them work. But if you start with automation too soon, it can be an expensive and frustrating mistake. 

 Make your decision, today. Commit to this process and do the work. 

Clarifying what you do and who you serve will help you find and close more clients. 

 When you know WHO you serve, it’s time to craft your irresistible message. WHAT problem do you help solve? How do you solve it? Finally, craft your irresistible message, a concise summary of the WHO, WHAT, and HOW in your business. 

 Prospecting with Purpose 

 The power behind leveraging a Tribe-o-graphic approach is that you are identifying a “parking lot” where your ideal prospects are already hanging out. 

 Where to Find Your Tribe 

 Reflect—Identify where your ideal potential clients are gathering. 

 Research—Do several research missions to confirm you are looking in the right parking lots. 

 Your ideal clients aren’t sitting around waiting for you to show up. They are actively growing their own businesses and improving their lives. 

 Where are your previous (and current) clients hanging out online? What groups do they belong to? What are their interests? What events are they attending (online or in-person)? 

 If I gave you 60 minutes to find 25 good prospects, where would you go? First, you need to know what they look like so you can recognize them. Then you find the congregation points, which means you pick the ponds where the fish are biting. Could you find 25 new potential clients each day? Out of the group of 25, could you start 5 new conversations? Remember, there are more than enough clients for everyone. You don’t have to connect with everyone who fits your criteria; you just need to connect with enough of them to jump-start your client-finding engine. 

To help you with this, ask yourself: What’s top of mind for them? What’s a priority for them right now? Meet them where they are and start the conversation with what they care about the most: their own pains, problems and frustrations. 

People make decisions based on the following three motivations: They want to make more money or save money. 

They want to increase comfort or avoid discomfort. 

They aspire to something positive, or they fear something negative. 

 In the sales call, your potential clients want to know the answers to three main questions. If you fail to answer these, you are just noise: Why should I care? More importantly, what are the risks or dangers of ignoring this right now? 

What’s in it for me? How will it pay off on one of the three core wants? 

Why you? There are SO many options out there. How can I trust you are going to get me the results you promise? 

If the potential client says, “I need to think about it,” they have a certainty gap. You have not clearly answered one or more of the three questions. Here’s our framework for overcoming the certainty gap so you enroll more new ideal clients: 

 Identify the most common objections from your ideal clients, and practice overcoming them. 

 The key is getting the right lead magnet to appeal to your micro audience. 

 Getting a client isn’t any more complicated than getting into a car, starting it, and putting it in First Gear. 

 Make your decision. Today. Commit to this process and do the work. When you do, you’re going to find dream clients and start new conversations online. Don’t waste any more time trying to drive out of the parking in the wrong gear. 

 Clarifying what you do and who you serve will help you find and close more clients. 

 When you know WHO you serve, it’s time to craft your irresistible message. WHAT problem do you help solve? How do you solve it? Finally, craft your Irresistible message, a concise summary of the WHO, WHAT, and HOW in your business. 

Your message will determine if the value you are communicating aligns with what your ideal clients want to buy. Have you listened to what they want, or are you trying to sell what you think they want? 

 When you ask questions and listen to your prospect’s answers, you will understand what it is they want and need. If you can help them solve their problem, offer to do so. If you can’t, be willing to tell them that too. Get familiar with common objections and responses to objections, and don’t be afraid of hearing a hard no during a sales call. Incorporate value-driven, compassionate follow-up for any “maybe, but not now” clients. The fortune is in the follow up. 

 Do you want to have prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them?  

Do you want the increased income and opportunity that comes with new clients?  

Will you walk through that door, and take immediate, imperfect action on each step as it is presented to you?  

After all, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will experience what you always have.  

Decide to do something new, to try something you haven’t before, or to do it better than you have in the past.  

Are you willing to try something new? 

 The choice is yours. 

I believe in you, and your dreams. You can do this!  

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