If you're so successful, why are you coaching instead of just doing real estate?

Great question! After 40 years selling real estate, I wanted to transition into helping other agents reach goals Iike I have, instead of competing against each other.  Don't get me wrong, I am still going to be running my real estate company I will just have more time to spend with my wife and kids. I love learning and helping other agents become achieve their goals.  In fact, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Law, two Master's Degrees, and a Ph.D. – all before I was 30!

I'm just starting out. Should I wait until I've gotten some business before starting the program?

There is no better time to start than yesterday! Getting the right training and strategies from the start cuts the learning curve time dramatically and ensures quick results.

I am already overwhelmed and looking for more hours in the day. How much time will this take?

Expect to set aside 4-6 hours per week to work on the program and implement the training.

What is the cost of the program?

As with any program that is going to be of value to you there is an investment. Change requires an investment of money, time and energy. Staying where you are right now has a much higher cost - such as the loss of wasted money, time and energy spent on trial and error, frustration, confusion and overwhelm.

I recently moved to a new town and don't know anyone. Will this help me get established?

YES! I'll teach you how to become known quickly through the use of digital marketing techniques. You'll become more well known in your new community than you ever were in your old one!

Do I need to have a team to work the program?

NO! However, as you begin to grow I may recommend that you bring on an assistant and as you continue to grow, add some supporting staff so that you can talke more off your plate. One of your goals should be to work on the business not in the business

I'm getting my license soon, can I join now so I can get ahead?

Our clients must have a license and brokerage within 30 days of joining our program so they can implement the training as quickly as possible and utilize the support in the program.

My partner and I are a team; can we both do the program?

YES!  A team of 2 agents can get access to the program for the cost of one.

Do I need to hire an assistant or tech person to use the strategies taught?

It's entirely up to you. I encourage agents to delegate tasks they aren't great at or don't enjoy so they can focus more on the tasks they do enjoy.

I'm TERRIBLE with computers and technology. Can I be successful with this program?

Yes. You determine how successful you want to be! All of the steps in this program can be implemented with just basic computer and technology skills.