Finding Your Niche and Messaging 

“If you’re not reaching your business goals and targets, what do you think is the problem?” 

When I ask this question, a lot of agents would usually blame their sales. 

They think there’s something wrong with their selling abilities and strategies. 

Well, I’ve worked with enough agents to know that it’s not always a sales issue. 

The real problem is they’re not attracting the right clients. 

And solving this problem requires one thing: 

They need to have their niche and messaging dialed in. 

Both of these hold the key to attracting your ideal clients… 

Specifically, the ones who need your help. 

Now, to solve this problem, start with your niche. 

While your message is important in building your brand as an agent… 

You can’t create the right message without a deeper understanding of your niche. 

That said, finding your niche involves three levels. 

Let’s say you want to be a buyers agent for first time buyers. 

On the first level, your niche is the buyers market.. 

While that’s clear enough, it’s still a big market. 

You still want to narrow that further so you can be specific with your messaging. 

Going deeper to the next level means identifying a more specific niche. 

For instance, your niche could be buyers looking for their first home. 

While that’s more specific, you can still go deeper into the next level. 

Your niche could be buyers looking for home in a specific county. 

That’s specific enough. 

So now, build your messaging around the problems of your chosen niche. 

Get to know what these buyers really need. 

What are their pain points? 

How can they buy a home with little or no money down? 

And how can you help them achieve that? 

These are the questions that you should answer to come up with the right message. 

Make sure your message resonates with your target niche. 

If you do this right, you can attract the right clients… 

Those who can find real value in what you offer. 

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