Generate a Real Buzz: 3 Marketing Strategies for Realtors

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Marketing Strategies for Realtors

In any sales-driven industry such as real estate, it is understandable to try and focus on multiple quick wins so that you can start working with the next prospect. This is all well and good, but you also have to think about your brand. After all, your brand equity is the only thing that will allow you to rise above the other players around you in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Let us check out these great marketing strategies for realtors so that you will always stay ahead in the race.

One Marketing Strategy for Realtors is toUse High-Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words goes the age-old adage. While everyone is taking snapshots on their cell phones, you should concentrate on getting pictures of the highest quality possible. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the art and science of beautiful real estate listing shots. Learn to work with both natural and artificial lighting and also plan your indoor and outdoor shots in order to improve your curb appeal.

If you have many listings you should have a file system up and ready so that you can send the right picture to the right client at a moment’s notice. Remember, sending the wrong picture can cost you a client!

Apart from that, you should also ensure search engine optimization (SEO) of the pictures that you upload. The best way to do this is to use the file names and the alt text of your photos to highlight the listing’s address or any other keywords that you might want to use.

Meet Prospects at a Popular Restaurant

Using a popular and posh restaurant as your base of operations has a lot going for it. Instead of meeting four different people at four different places, you should call them to the same place, one after another. This way, you will be able to strategically schedule these meetings so that each prospect will also benefit from an introduction.

Once you are done with the meeting you should introduce the departing client to the new one. For example, if you are meeting a doctor at 10 AM, you should introduce him to the CPA you are meeting at 11:30 AM and the CPA in turn to the lawyer that you are scheduled to meet at 12:30 pm.  The waiters and other support staff will know your name and give you the best tables. Moreover, your introductions will also show that you are well plugged into the community and your prospects will trust you a lot more.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Competition

You can never go wrong trying to understand what works for your competitors. See what the realtors in your area are up to and check their social media presence. Take a look at the websites of the most famous ones. Take note of what you see and its effects on their campaigns. Use this knowledge to avoid their mistakes and pitfalls and replicate their success.


The above marketing strategies for realtors can pay rich dividends if you implement them on a regular basis.  Good luck!

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