Hide and Seek

The basis of all effective marketing is figuring out who you are going to market to, what they need, and where they hang out.

If you are going to put a lot of time and effort into your Marketing, make sure that you know exactly what your target prospect looks like, what they like to consume, and where they hang out.

What do they lie awake worrying about?

What do they hate having to do?

What do they hate happening?

What have they tried, and why didn’t it work?

If they had a magic wand, what would they wish for?

Your next step is to combine your Ideal Client, their specific pain and frustration, along with your solution into one succinct statement. Tip: You are better to sacrifice completeness for memorability. In other words: keep it short.

ALMOST UNIVERSALLY, THE clients I work with tell me that creating a Marketing Message that generates enquiries is the toughest thing that they have ever tried to do.

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