How Do I Get in Front of More Prospects?

In order to get your next client, you must first get your next lead. There’s no other way around it. Without a “lead”, it is almost impossible to sign a paying client. And the only way to land your next client (and the next one, and the next one…) is to position yourself in front of your prospects, convert a percentage of them into leads, schedule appointments, and turn at least one of them into a client.

The most important thing for any business is marketing and sales. Without enough leads, your business is in jeopardy. It’s imperative that you build a system to generate a consistent flow of opportunities in good times and in bad.

But the majority of small business owners and agents are constantly on the cash flow roller coaster. One week it feels like you’re doing great, and you’re busy helping clients…the next you’re wondering what happened… and the phone’s just not ringing. Where’d all the business go? If you’re just getting started, it can feel even worse. Without a track record, it’s tough getting people to take you seriously.

If I see another training program that claims to have the key to all of your wildest dreams and riches, the golden ticket to a life of passive income where you sit on the beach and magically make money all day…well, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Oh crap, I just did.

The serious business owners and agents I work with, they’re tired of that crap too. Not only are they tired of it, they’ve completely tuned it out. They’re looking for practical resources to help take what you love to do, to take your business, to the next level. They want, like you, to leverage proven systems for getting in front of more clients, generate more income and revenue, improve your cash flow, and grow your business. And to get a little peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to worry about where your next client will come from.

The #1 thing that prevents business owners from achieving growth is “the cash flow roller coaster.”

One month, you feel like you’re doing pretty well. So you get busy doing everything except looking for new clients. Then before you know it, the next month comes around, things start slowing down, and because you weren’t keeping the pipeline full, now you’re almost out of work. Where will your next buck come from? So how do you prevent this? Well, the answer to that question is also the most proven, time tested strategy for growing any business. And that is… wait for it…. …. Getting in front of more prospects! If you have a system for generating a consistent flow of opportunities and leads, then your business will be very well protected against the roller coaster. You’ll be able to grow to the level that you’re aiming for.

The key is having a system that attracts your ideal clients and works them through a process that culminates with them booking a time to speak with you. Whether you call it a consultation, a strategy session, a sales call, or an appointment, we’re all talking’ about the same thing.

The answer was systematically targeting the right prospects and working them through a process that takes advantage of psychological triggers, to get them to agree to meet with me.

Position yourself above the fray, and prospects will be far more approachable than when you’re just another me-too competitor in a crowded sea. When you can position yourself as a leader, as a real expert, your prospects will actually want to talk to you.

The Cribbin System is a 3-step process that helps you quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry, directly connect you with an unlimited supply of prospects, and work them through processes that will generate a predictable number of leads and appointments. When you have that predictable number of appointments, you’ll have a predictable stream of new clients. Of course, you have to be able to turn an appointment into a client.

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