How To Get the Attention Of Your Target Market

When it comes to creating a controllable and predictable flow of new clients, being a great agent is not enough

To create controllable and predictable growth you MUST systemize your marketing efforts. That means getting your message out through multiple mediums, the nature of which will vary depending on a whole range of factors including the type of  product/service you offer, your regional focus, your Ideal Client Profile, your budget and so on.

However, having got your message out systematically through multiple mediums you may still not succeed in their seizing the attention of your target market or converting them into paying clients.

The mistake is this: a failure to create a message that cuts through the cluttered bombardment of marketing messages that your Ideal Client is subjected to – an exponentially higher number of marketing messages every year.

an estimated 90% plus of business owners the hardest part of gaining new clients is simply getting the value proposition in front of them so the business can “strut its stuff”.

Is that true of you? Do you get the deal and make the sale perhaps 50 – 70% of the time that you present your value proposition to a client?

Perhaps it’s only 25 – 50% of the time but nevertheless it still adds up to this: somehow you need to figure out how to get your Ideal Clients’ attention in the face of what is now both an online and offline storm of marketing messages.

„. What really annoys them?

„. What deeply frustrates them?

„. What do they truly hate having to do?

„. What do they hate having to experience?

„. If they had a magic wand, what would they wish for?

„. And the most powerful one of them all: what emotion do they want to feel?

Once you have the answers to this question then you have the raw ingredients for creating your Solution.

At Coaching with Mike, we work closely with real estate professionals that are committed to growing their business. Clients we work with are tired of:

  • Inconsistent cash flow in their business
  • Tired of losing clients to the same competitors but don’t know why
  • Having to settle to work clients they don’t want to
  • Working too hard just to make ends meet

If that sounds like you, I’d love to set up a call at your convenience to discuss more about what we do and learn about your business and upcoming goals.

Freeing up time to invest in yourself is much easier said than done, and for entrepreneurs it’s a step that too often gets overlooked.

Let me know when the best time is to reconnect with you, and I will schedule a reminder on my end.

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