How to Present Your Offer and Attract the Right Clients 

Let me ask you a question: 

How do you present your offer to a potential client? 

See, some agents will excitedly rattle off what they can do for the prospect. 

After all, they want to put their best foot forward. 

So, they want to make sure their prospects know what they can do as a real estate agent. 

Well, if that’s how you present your offer… 

You’re likely to lose your prospect. 

Here are three things you should do instead: 

1 – Present it with certainty. 

An irresistible offer is also about being able to present your offer anytime and in front of anyone. So, if you’re asked to tell a crowd about your offer, you won’t hesitate. 

You’ll proudly do it… 

And you won’t even need a script! 

2 – Make it match their needs. 

The truth is, presenting your offer isn’t just about doing a rundown of what you can do as an agent. Rather, it’s mainly about how you can match your offer with the needs of your potential clients. So, if you’re a buyers agent and someone comes to you for help, you don’t go… 

“You’ve come to the right person. First off, we’re going to do this… Then, we’re going to explore your history of…” 

Instead, you must understand the prospect and what they are looking for. 

This means your response to their inquiry should go like this: 

“Thank you for reaching out to me. I am a real estate agent who specializes in…. What are the main things you are looking for in a home right now? What areas were you hoping to find your next home?” 

See how this opened the opportunity to connect the offer with the prospect’s needs? 

Once you make that connection, the yes would surely follow. 

3 – Pause. 

After you’ve discussed the pain points of the prospect… 

And you’ve presented your offer to them… 


Allow them to absorb what you’ve just said – that’s very powerful. 

It’ll help the prospect think for themselves and won’t make your offer sound sales-y. If you master these three things… 

You’ll find it easier to get people to say yes to your offer. 

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