Is Negativity Holding You Back?

Negativity always finds a way to creep up in your life from time to time. It’s when
negativity builds up too much or shows up too often that you have an obstacle to

A negative attitude can hold you back from truly living your life. However, you don’t need
to feel stuck because you can bring positive thoughts back into your life!

How Negativity Can Hold You Back

Negativity can hold you back in a number of ways. Have you heard the saying: “If you think
you can’t, you’re right”? It’s true! Negative thoughts like this really do sabotage your efforts.

The good news is that you can gain control over how you think. When you’re
expressing complaints and negativity all the time, it not only affects you, but it also affects
the people around you. Negativity, itself, can be the reason why you create roadblocks that
don’t really exist! So it’s time to choose the positive (and, yes, it is a choice!).

Manifesting A Positive Attitude

When you adopt a positive attitude, you open yourself up to the wonderful world
of possibilities. When positive energy is in the air, you’ll be able to transform your
negative feelings and maybe even bring others out of their negativity clouds.

Believe it or not, positive thinking is very powerful. It’s the driving force that steers your life
into the direction of your dreams. Remember, your thoughts affect how you feel, and how
you feel affects what you do, so if you can change your thoughts, you can change
your outcome.

How To Develop A Positive Attitude

How can you change your attitude? It’s easier than you think.
Follow these tips to develop a positive attitude:

  1. Visualize. When the negative thoughts come crawling into your mind, transform them
    with positive images. Visualize something that you find pleasing, peaceful, or exciting.
    Remember what your ultimate goals are and imagine what it feels like to
    achieve them.
  2. Write it down. Keeping a journal has many positive effects. It helps you vent your
    frustrations, organize your life, and reflect on your innermost thoughts and feelings.
    Instead of focusing on the bad, use your journal to chronicle the things that have gone
    well in your life lately.
  3. Relax. Negative feelings are bound to arise when you’re in a stressful state. It’s
    important to take time out of each day for yourself. This means that you need to
    adopt a relaxation method that works for you. Perhaps you can take a bath, go
    to church, attend a yoga class, or meditate. When you’re relaxed, a peaceful and
    positive mindset will likely overtake you.
  4. Read and write affirmations. Grab a book with positive affirmations in it, or better
    yet, write your own. Affirmations are a powerful way to bring positive thoughts into
    your present state of well-being. Affirmations are short statements in the present tense
    that remind you of positive attributes and goals in your life. Here’s an example: “I am
    strong and competent.”
  5. Live for the moment. Live your life for the moment and let go of everything else
    going on in your life. Negative feelings can easily overwhelm you if you’re consumed
    by past failures or the fear of the future. When you concentrate on the present,
    your life becomes more peaceful and positive.
    In the end, go easy on yourself. You don’t need to be your own worst critic, instead, try
    being your biggest advocate! Just concentrate on your well-being and you will develop
    a more positive attitude.

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