Is This The Life You Expected?

My life consists of the same monotony – day in and day out – five days a week (plus a half day on Saturday and Sunday).

My hourly rate is $17.50, and every day I picture my life differently…I want to be free, to do what I love, to master a craft, to work from wherever I want (and whenever I want). I attended school and bult my business or maybe I shouldn’t call it a business it is a job.

It hasn’t turned out as it was supposed to.

Life is a grueling teacher…every lesson is paid for either in time or in money, but oftentimes, the most expensive lessons are those we pay with our time. I can get back all of the money I’ve invested…but my time is gone for good.

Okay you’re making decent money; you have nice things and you’re not unhappy. But every morning you look around the office and you see people with much more than you and many are younger than you. You immediately think that they are just luckier than you, maybe they have rich parents, or living off credit cards, etc.

All of the sudden you are not so happy with your current level. You spend the rest of the daydreaming about what it could be like – to really live at the highest level.

Maybe it is time for you to get moving in the right direction. Maybe you need to learn how to make your business fresh, fun, and exciting.

I believe that a big part of the reason people fail in business today, is simply because they do not know what they want. The key to the game of business is first to know what you are after, what your goals are and what your target is.

I’ve seen many talented people with a ton of potential end failing, they sputter out ultimately miss out on the income freedom and & longevity they deserve to have because they cannot figure out this first part: Getting paid!

All business comes down to this central question: how will this make me money?

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and discovering prospects have book time with you while you slept.

Imagine seeing new appointments on your calendar every single morning, regardless of the world’s uncertainties.

That’s not some pie in the sky dream.

That can be a reality with The Cribbin Method. I created this so I could stop chasing prospects and get them to chase me. Well, it works and now I want to share it with you. It’s seen me through some pretty challenging times.

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