Life of a Realtor – Roller Coasters – Hamster Wheels

The life of a Realtor – Tired of living on the roller coaster of feast or famine and you need help getting off the hamster wheel so you can move ahead toward the goal you had set for yourself when you started in the business. 

Real Estate isn’t what it used to be, today there are so many challenges that it is difficult to just stay in business. Home sales are lower, commissions are lower, and technology is driving agents out of the business. We either have to learn to adapt to what is happening, work smarter or learn a new career. 

Let’s talk about adapting to the new forms of technology and working smarter. 

Lead Generation 

As a Realtor, you can pay the high prices to the lead vendors who are selling you the same leads they sold other agents. Or, the leads they sold you have no intention of buying or selling anytime soon. They just filled out a form to get something that was advertised for free. 

The best way to get qualified leads is to generate them yourself. Is that hard to do? For some Yes but, if you learn how to do it then it isn’t difficult at all. The agent today has to be savvy at using technology. 


As a Realtor one of the biggest challenges by far time. The demands on our time has resulted in losing what we go into real estate to have – flexible hours and time for myself. Now to overcome this you can bring on an assistant, but that will eat into your income. 


Today prospects are searching the internet for everything. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation out there that prospects think that know everything about buying or selling and see little need for an agent until it is too late.  They see all agents as being the same. With so many agents chasing them the prospects try to negotiate commissions down, down and down. 

Enter more competition – the Discount Brokers 

In reality, they aren’t much competition as they really don’t do what a non-discount broker does. You should be able to differentiate yourself and your services from theirs and win the deal nearly all the time. The discount broker sells on price, you should be selling on eliminating a pain or frustration that keeps the prospect up at night. 

Market All the Time 

Realtor – Don’t fall into the trap of not marketing when you are busy. You need to be marketing all the time to keep the leads flowing in. That means you need to learn “Automation”. That is what all the top agents are using to stay off the hamster wheel. 

Top Agents

Let’s looks at what must be in place if you are going to become a top producing agent:  

An OFFER your prospects can’t refuse  

MARKETING that’s automated  

Consistent TRAFFIC and CLOSINGS 

CONVERSION systems that are predictable and constantly delivering new clients  

FOLLOW-UP strategies that are immediate, constant and creating sales  

If you haven’t mastered these, then we need to talk. 


My signature solution will teach you how to identify and attract qualified prospects to you in a systematic fashion and being able to do so at will. 

You will learn how to create an irresistible message that will draw prospects to you and you only, you will learn how to automate marketing and systems for consistent traffic and closing.  

Finally, you will learn follow up strategies to keep in contact with those who didn’t become clients. 

This signature solution will give you the tools to make sure you know what your vision and goals are and put systems in place to help you accomplish them beyond your wildest imagination. 

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Next Step

If you are not satisfied with where your business is, you have 2 choices:  Either 

  1. Continue doing the same things you’ve been doing and hope for different results  


  1. Act on this information, start down the path to more closings and a steady income. 

Now is the time for you to schedule your FREE Strategy Call. This call will cover how this program can apply to your specific situation so you can reach your goal. This is a no-cost call, but my calendar fills up quickly. 

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