There is nothing more powerful than being able to effectively talk to a prospect and move them toward making a decision to buy your product or service when using Facebook Messenger.

The questions that I have listed here are the result of what I have learned and from the investments, I have made in myself and now I get to pass that on to you.

These questions are super simple, easy to ask, and are really meant to do one thing…GET YOUR PROSPECT TALKING (or chatting…lol)!

There is one subject you MUST focus on when you are chatting with people.
What is that subject?


Every person on this planet speaks the same language it’s called…

“What’s in it for me?”

People love to talk about their lives. So let them.

As a matter of fact, the more people talk about themselves and the more that you actually show an
interest in them, the more likely they are to trust you and like you.

It’s actually kind of odd how it works, but when people feel like they can open up to you and tell you
their story and you show genuine interest, they are drawn to you.

The old saying “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is
so true.

One of my favorite books of all time is the classic by Dale Carnegie called “How to Win Friends and
Influence People”.

If you have never read this book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!

In the chapter called “How to be a good conversationalist,” he talks about how he learned that just
listening to people and showing a genuine interest in what’s important to them caused people to feel
endeared to him.

He went on to say that a massive part of being a good conversationalist was just listening to the other

When you just listen, you hear their goals, their desires, and their aspirations.

If you can help them achieve that in some meaningful way, they will love you.

This is a very powerful principle and if you mix it in with these questions, you can and will quadruple
your results in a very short period of time using Facebook Messenger.

It’s simple really. In the end, we are in a people business. So understanding how to talk to and relate
to people is an essential part of what we do.

The extent that you understand how to converse with people and understand human nature will
directly reflect in your ability to make money and build your network marketing or direct sales
business using online strategies.

As you move through these questions and print them out, keep in mind what I discussed here and
you are as good as golden.

1. What do you do for a living?
Getting to know what a person does gives you great insight into their personal life and journey.
One of the main reasons for also asking this question is that the law of reciprocity will kick in.
What is “Reciprocity”? It’s basically where if you ask a question to a person, they will feel
obligated to ask the same question of you. This opens the door to talk about what you do and
potentially talk about your business as well.

2. What does that entail exactly?
This is an important question because it gets you details. Details are essential to
understanding a person and their background. As you learn their background, you can start to
formulate in your mind how to best position your product or service in a way that goes along
with their past experiences.

3. How long have you been doing that?
Again, very important. If someone has been in a career for a long time, this provides a lot of
insight into their background. On the other hand, if they are new to their profession, the next
few questions can really get into their motivations of why they do what they do.

4. What made you decide to do that exactly?
This is big. Understanding one’s motivation is crucial. Truth is, you can understand a lot about
a person by what motivates them. This is crucial intel that can help you forge your message
and better communicate to them on how your product or service can benefit them.

5. Did you do anything before that?
More insight into their background. When people make changes in life, its usually for a reason.
For instance, if someone changed jobs to do what they do now, it could have been for a big
reason. Try to find out. It could be a massive piece of the puzzle to understanding their core

6. Do you enjoy what you do?
This is big. If people don’t like what they do, this can be a major hot button to motivate them to
take action. By knowing this, it can be super valuable to helping them make a positive decision
toward joining you.

7. Have you been affected by the economy at all?
Again, another question that can really motivate someone. When people are hit with hard
times it can motivate them into finding an alternate path to reaching their goals. On the other
hand, if they have not been affected, maybe they spend too much time doing what they do,
and that could be a potential core motivation in helping them make a decision toward a better

8. Have you ever considered doing something else?
After you ask this question, it’s very important, that if they are happy with what they are doing,
and doing something else doesn’t seem to appeal to them, I personally won’t pursue them.
That’s just me though.

9. What experience do you have in the home-based business industry?
There are 2 reasons I like this question. It positions you as the one in control, and it shows
your posture. This question can actually put people into a mode of selling themselves to you
and why you should work with them. Pretty cool huh?

10. Was it a positive experience?
Now sometimes, people have been in a home-based business before and didn’t have a
positive experience. If you get that vibe, you can move onto the next question below to get the

11. Why do you think you didn’t succeed?
Very crucial to listen up with this question. You don’t want to work with people that love to
place blame. Truth is, every person’s individual success is up to them. If people feel they didn’t
succeed and they seem to blame someone else, you have to ask yourself if they are right for
your business. Also, only ask this question if they didn’t succeed or didn’t make any money in
their previous home business.

12. What is your ultimate goal in your business?
HUGE QUESTION! This will reveal the core motivating factor for them. Your goal is to help
them achieve their goals. Not yours, THEIRS! Remember, people are in it for themselves, so
you have to show them how to get to their ultimate destination. The goal they are looking to
achieve and then show them how you can help them get there.

13. This may or may not be for you, but are you open to looking at what I am doing to
see if it’s a fit for you as well?
This is where you open the door and see if they are open to walking through. Remember, this
is not a guarantee they will sign up, but it shows they are open to new ideas if they say YES! If
they say YES, move on to question 14.

14. If it's ok with you, I can send you a link and you can check it out, you cool with that?
I always ask for permission to send them the link. Why? Because you should never assume its
ok. When they give you permission, you are not overstepping your bounds. Your goal is to
move them forward without violating their sense of remaining in control.