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Does this sound familiar?

A day in the life of a typical real estate agent.  You start off by getting your lists together, then you begin prospecting, cold calling, door knocking preparing your mailers, etc.  Then, as the day winds down you get a call and everything stops, and you go on a call just to find out not all decision makers are present or they want to interview more agents.  Well, that didn’t go as planned.  Time to go home and you missed an event of your kids or your wife had plans and your late.  Don’t forget that you are at the mercy of your cell phone that is strapped to your side.  Does that sound familiar?

Have you ever felt frustrated over cash flow and the cost of leads? Ever wonder how you are going to survive? Are you exhausted, feeling like you have to work 24/7?

That was me until I learned how to get business to come to me instead of me chasing business.

Mike Cribbin

Professional Life

My professional life as an entrepreneur began in 1974 as a new home builder. I built over 150 new homes, an apartment complex, and a shopping center.  Not long after that, I realized that my true passion was selling homes, not building them.  This was the beginning of my career in real estate.

I have been an active full time real estate broker since 1977. I also earned a bachelor's degree in Pre-Law, three master's Degrees, and a Ph.D. – all before I was 30.

Through the years, I have earned designations for CRS, SRES, MRE, E-PRO, ABR, SRS, GRI and others. In addition to these designations. I have set up automations in my business so that it all but runs itself. This allowed me to begin coaching other agents in the fall of 2014. Since then, I have continued to be an active broker and real estate coach.

I am considered a Marketing Specialist by many of my peers. Therefore, my specialty is teaching real estate agents how to get prospects to chase them instead of the agent chasing the prospect. I haven't cold called, door knocked or sent out bulk mail in several years. The key is to be seen as an expert in your field so prospective clients seek you.


If you are tired of working 24/7 and still not reaching your goals, then we need to talk.  If you frustrated with the roller coaster income flow and are looking for a consistent flow of closings, clients, and income schedule your FREE call with me.


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