Niche and Messaging: The Fishing Analogy 

Before we begin, let me tell you that this post isn’t about fishing as a sport. 

Instead, it’s about getting your niche and messaging dialed in. 

You see, I find similarities between fishing and finding the right niche and messaging for your real estate business. 

Because to get the right fish, you need to do two things: 

Find the right spot and use the right bait 

As you know, there are many kinds of fish in the water. 

If you want to catch a specific type of fish, you must know where the fish hangs out. 

That’s where you’ll position your boat. 

For instance, if you want to get the best tuna, you’d want to go out into the ocean to find them. 

Once you get to the best tuna fishing spot, does that mean you can catch a lot of tuna? 

Not exactly. 

You have to use the right bait to attract the tuna. 

Otherwise, you might catch eels and other types of fish instead. 

It’s the same with coaching. 

What do I mean? 

Think of the fish as your target market. 

You have to find out where they are so you give them the right bait – your message. 

If you dangle your bait in the wrong part of the ocean, you won’t get a bite. 

And even if you’re on the right side of the ocean… 

If your bait isn’t delicious enough, you still won’t get the fish. 

So, if you have the right messaging… 

But you’re posting it on the wrong platforms… 

You won’t get your ideal clients. 

And if you’re on the right platform but you’re not using the right messaging… 

Your target market won’t notice you. 

So, make sure your niche and messaging are both dialed in first. 

That’s how you can achieve success as an agent. 

Can you do that? 

Here is what must be in place if you are going to become a top producing agent: 

 An OFFER your prospects can’t refuse 

 Differentiate yourself from your competition 

 MARKETING that’s automated  

 Consistent TRAFFIC and CLOSINGS 

 CONVERSION systems that are predictable and constantly delivering new clients  

 FOLLOW-UP strategies that are immediate, constant and creating sales 

If you haven’t mastered these, then we need to talk. 

My signature solution will teach you how to identify and attract qualified prospects to you in a systematic fashion and being able to do so at will. You will learn how to create an irresistible message that will draw prospects to you and you only, you will learn how to automate your marketing and systems for consistent traffic and closing. Finally, you will learn follow up strategies to keep you in contact with those who didn’t become clients. Now you have 2 choices:  

 1.  You can continue what you’ve been doing up until now and ignore this advice


2. You can act on this information, start implementing these strategies and change your life 

 The choice is yours 

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