Overcoming the Fear of Finding Your Niche 

What is one of the biggest killer of success as an agent? 


It makes you hesitate and overthink, instead of taking action. 

Now, there’s one particular fear that can ruin your chances of succeeding more than just about anything else: 

It’s the fear of finding your niche. 

You see, many agents believe that once they find their niche, they’ll have to stay in it forever. They act as if the niche will be their tattoo. 

But this isn’t true at all! 

How do I know? 

It’s because I’ve changed my niche – multiple times. 

Let me tell you a quick story. 

I was an agent for seniors when I first got into the real estate business. My audience were those over 60 who wanted to live a fulfilling life. And I wanted to help them do it. 

However, I soon realized that it wouldn’t work – my way of selling just wouldn’t resonate with them. 

That’s because I have this sense of humor that not everyone gets, and I often like to say something provoking. I get that some people don’t like that – my old audience sure didn’t! 

So, I shifted my focus to talking to those aged 20-40. I took on some pro bono clients, and everything went much more smoothly. But soon after, I decided that I didn’t want to with buyers! 

That’s when I moved into working with sellers… 

Then into coaching… 

And my success skyrocketed! 

Because when other agents saw this, they wanted to know my secret recipe. 

This is how I started coaching brokers and agents, which is what I’m doing right now along with still operating my real estate company. 

Having sold more homes than I could have ever imagined. I’ll narrow down my focus even further. And in the future, I’ll niche down into helping people sell – like what I’m doing. 

I’m all the proof you need that changing your niche is absolutely possible. In fact, it’s something that you’ll almost certainly do at some point. 

Do you now see why you shouldn’t be afraid of niching? 

Because even if you don’t get it right at first, you can always find your way. 

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