Real Estate Agents and Coaching


I am a real estate broker and coach. If you are not already aware of it, real estate is a people business. It’s all about relationships. I have been successfully helping other agents build their businesses for over 10 years. Now I can help you too!

Real Estate Agents and Coaching

As a real estate agent, you are constantly on the lookout for new business. You know that the more deals you close, the better off your company will be and the more money you make. I can help you improve your closing rate by teaching you how to prospect better and handle objections with confidence.

I also offer coaching services for agents who want professional guidance in becoming better closers themselves or improving their overall performance as a salesperson (whether they are an agent or not). My coaching program includes weekly calls where we discuss strategy, set goals–and hold each other accountable!

Improve your close rate

  • Improve your close rate
  • How to get more sales
  • Ways to improve your closing rate

Learn to prospect better

Prospecting is a skill. It’s also hard work and can be fun, but it’s definitely not something that comes naturally to everyone. If you’re not seeing the results from your efforts, take some time to reflect on how you’re prospecting and how it might be improved.

Here are some tips for improving your prospecting:

  • Prospect with purpose. Before making contact with someone, ask yourself why they would want to work with you or buy/sell their home with you as opposed to another agent? What value do they get from working with an agent like yourself?
  • Be friendly! People buy houses from people they like–it sounds simple but so many agents forget this fact when they approach potential clients both online and offline (in person). Make sure that when chatting up potential clients that they feel comfortable talking back–don’t come across like an interrogator who just wants information so he can close the deal at all costs; instead try asking questions based upon what other people have told me about their experience working together over time (rather than just saying “Tell me about yourself”).

Better on the phone

The most important part of the real estate process is the phone conversation. It’s how you get people to listen to you, trust you, and hire you.

So how do you use your voice so that it gets people on their feet? Here are some tips:

Improve your closing techniques

Closing techniques are the tools you use to help your clients make decisions. You can use them in many ways, but they all have one thing in common: they’re designed to help your clients reach the decision that you want them to make.

You may have heard people say that salespeople are “closers” because they close deals, but this isn’t really true. Closing techniques aren’t just for salespeople; anyone who has ever sold anything–a car, a house or even themselves (as an employee) has used closing techniques.

When we talk about closing techniques here at [your company], we mean specific tools and processes designed specifically for real estate agents and coaches like yourself who want their clients/salees making certain decisions at key moments during the sale process.

Accountability, motivation, and insight

Accountability is important. You need to know that someone is going to hold you accountable for your goals and objectives, whether they’re personal or professional. That’s where a coach comes in: they help keep you honest about what needs to get done, when it needs to get done by and why these things are important for the success of your business.

Motivation is also important because if we don’t feel like doing something then there’s no way we’re going to achieve our goals! Coaches have been trained in motivational techniques such as goal setting and positive self-talk so that they can inspire their clients with new ideas on how best achieve their targets without feeling overwhelmed by them (which often happens when working alone). Finally insight – coaching provides an opportunity for reflection on past actions/decisions taken which may not have been optimal; this process enables future decisions made by clients become more effective because now there is greater clarity around why certain actions were successful or not so much so before!

I can help you improve your real estate business.

I can help you improve your real estate business. I have a track record of helping people, and I am the right person to help you.

I can help you improve your close rate and learn to prospect better, so that in turn will bring more clients into your business.


As a real estate agent, you know how important it is to be at the top of your game. If you’re not making the kind of money that will help you achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you want, then something needs to change. That’s where I come in! My coaching program can help you improve your close rate, learn to prospect better and close more deals as well as learn how to better on phone calls and closing techniques.

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