Real Estate Lead Follow up: Four Effective Techniques You Must Try

Real estate lead follow-up

Lead Follow Up

Agents tend to spend a lot of their energy on generating an increasingly large number of leads. In fact, it is what comes next that is of crucial importance to move the process from an initial phone call to the closing table. Lead follow up is of absolute and paramount importance if you want to clinch the deal. Here are a few really effective techniques that you simply must try if you want your closing ratio to mirror your leads.

1. Qualify Your Leads in Order of Priority

Most of the really successful real estate agents always seem to know that effective lead follow up starts with filtering out unproductive leads. In fact, these stellar performers usually don’t have very many leads in their pipeline because they don’t want to saturate their database with individuals who are not serious about the sale. If you have dozens of leads, the odds are that the really important ones will get lost in the clutter. 

As a general rule, a good lead will consist of people motivated to buy or sell within a certain time frame. Here, the shorter the time frame the greater the urgency. For example, a family that wants to shift within the next six months will qualify as a warm lead.

2. Lead Follow Up Means Making Multiple Calls

Just because a person does not pick up the phone the first time, is no reason to refrain from contacting him again. Many agents think that if the clients are really interested they would call back or simply take the first call.  But this is not the right approach at all. A real estate agent is not an order taker, but a salesman and he has to match solutions to problems in order for people to discover the value of his services.  Of course, this does not mean that you should keep your phone on repeat dial and annoy the prospect. An average of around six calls spread over a three week period should suffice and if the prospect is interested he will talk to you.

3. Measure and Track Your Performance

Measuring the response rates can be very useful to figure out which leads convert and which ones don’t. You have to track your lead follow up efforts so that you can get a really clear picture of what is working in your follow-up strategy and where you need some improvement. However, you will have to be consistent and track everything from email campaigns to phone calls to texts.

4. Create a Facebook and Upload a Video Market Report Every Month

Social media is a potent tool in your marketing arsenal. You should consider uploading a market report video on the first weekday of every month on your FB page. It will not only update the people who are already on your page, but you can also boost the video so that it will reach out to those local property owners who don’t know you as yet. You will get new leads and you will be able to close old ones since people will see that you really know your business. Apart from that, you can also turn your video market report into a blog post that you may post on your website. 


The real estate lead follow up techniques mentioned above can help ensure that you turn your leads into formal closings.

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