Relying on Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is very different from Referral Marketing. The former is reactive, in that you wait for a client to mention you to a prospect and, more often than not, you then rely

on that prospect to contact you, which may or may not happen. Either way, you are not in control of generating the lead.

Referral marketing, on the other hand, leaves you in control. Using one of many proven, effective referral approaches, you can choose when to generate leads and you have a lot of control over the type and quality of lead you generate.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Word-Of-Mouth Marketing because there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes when someone involuntarily mentions the quality of my services to another potential client. But to rely on Word-Of-Mouth Marketing solely for generating leads is like sitting on a stool with only one leg; sooner or later you’re going to fall off.

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