So, what’s the difference between marketing and selling and why is it so important?

Think of it like this: if bees were a metaphor for clients and you wanted more bees, then you have a couple of options. First, you can go and buy yourself a net, find a garden that’s full of flowers

and go running through the garden chasing the bees trying to

capture them in your net.

That’s very stressful for you and, even though the bees have the tiniest of all brains, it can get kind of stressful for them as well, I’m sure.

Or you can go and get yourself a jar of honey and take the lid off of it and set it on your back doorstep and watch as the bees come flying in. Which is not stressful at all! On the contrary, it is relatively simple and relatively easy and completely stress free. Even the bees like the idea.

Here is the reality of sales: people love to buy, and they hate to be sold. That being the case, any overt form of selling is a form of an anti-marketing, in that it will actually repel premium-quality prospects.

Solution: create the equivalent of the metaphorical honey pot to attract premium-quality inquiries. Find someone who can show you how to create honey pots in the form of webinars, seminars, books and other lead generators which are extraordinarily effective when done well.

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