the productive agent 

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Every agent wants to be productive. It feels good to look at something tangible and say, “I created this. I made this. I did this.”


Productivity looks different to different people, but the feeling is universal. For one person, creating an incredible presentation or meeting the needs of a specific client can make them feel amazing. For another, it may mean developing a new product or coming up with a new design.

Topics Covered

Being productive also gives you the freedom to spend more time with the ones you love and less time worrying about the things that are left unfinished.

I will be covering topics such as:

         The Battle for Productivity         
         The Early Bird Gets Everything Done
         Kill Your Distractions 
         Slay Your Dragons 
         Productivity Is In Your Grasp 

This course includes an Ebook, Worksheets, Action Guides and a slide deck from a webinar.