The Resume of a Basic Real Estate Agent

Did you ever think this would be you? Did you ever think you would look in the mirror and see yourself as someone who could be considered traditional, simple, or, worst of all: basic. It’s okay. I can help you by sharing some of the things I’ve learned as I developed my program to take real estate agents from basic agents to a successful real estate agent.

You should never cold call someone.

If you’re hesitating to pick up the phone and call 100 people to get business, then it’s time for you to stop.

You need to niche market and get people calling you instead of you calling them. Read my previous articles on niche marketing.

Another strategy is to make a video about your community; a video about your local schools; a video about community movements. The goal is to create a piece of social content that will help you become an authority in your marketplace. You can become Internet Famous and become that authority, but you have to focus on it.

Cold calling for endless days is not going help you. It’s only going to give you a bad case of acid reflux; and you’re going to piss off some people in the process. It’s 2020. Consumers don’t like being interrupted by a phone call from a stranger. It’s not that they don’t want to buy anything. Quite the opposite. They want to buy and they don’t want to be sold, but they want it to feel like it was their decision.

You’re creeping people out by door-knocking.

Remember that time the cops were called on you because you violated a person’s request to not solicit at their doorstep? What about that time it was over 100 degrees outside and you almost got heatstroke?

You’re better than this. Whenever you get the urge to go out and knock on doors, put out a Facebook ad instead. Facebook has nearly 3 Billion users. If you run an ad and put that ad in front of the right users (your niche), you’ll get a list of people who will invite you into their buying or selling journey. They will want you there. Show people that you’re not basic by marketing yourself like your famous.

If you can leverage some of Facebook’s data (data they give you for free), then you can see where all of the buyers and sellers in your market are located; and then you can target your niche with your custom message created just for them.

If you can do that, people will beg you to come knock on their door; and they’ll do it to sign listing agreements.

If you’re using junk mail, then you are Basic.

If anyone tells you to send out junk mail in 2020, then find the nearest exit. Cover your mouth. Step back and put some distance between you two. Basic-ness is like a virus. It affects your health, your happiness, and your overall wellbeing. Worst of all, it’s contagious.

No one loves getting junk mail. Sending it out is a total waste of marketing dollars. Instead of printing cards that will end up in the trash, take that beautifully designed postcard and create a digital version of it. Then use that postcard to market to the neighborhood of your choosing right there on Facebook.

By using a digital postcard, you can save money being wasted on postcards and use about 20% of that budget to market on Facebook.

For example: Let’s say you drop a marketing pin on ‘11 N. Elm, St. Peters MO 63376’. This will notify Facebook that you want to market this amazing digital postcard to everyone in that pin setting. This is called geo-targeting.

You don’t have to go door-knock your neighbors or send out postcards that your property “Just Sold!” Facebook can do all of the heavy lifting for you while you go enjoy the rest of your non-basic days developing relationships with more potential clients.

Your business model was born in the 2020’s

If your broker tries to get you to do any of these things, that broker has contracted full-blown Basic status and you need to protect yourself. You should consider transferring your license to a different Real Estate office immediately. That’s not an exaggeration. Those models of lead generation are outdated and are dangerous to your mental and physical health and your success as a real estate agent.

Did you know that most real estate agents leave the industry within their first two years in the industry? If you don’t make a shift today, you will not be an agent within the next 48 months.

I recommend you seek out an agency that embraces modern strategies and gives you the freedom to implement what you can learn about marketing on social media in 2020. You can become the “Digital Mayor” of your town, but you need support.

Facebook can be your safe place. The good people over at Facebook are willing to give you access to ALL of their data so you can create, post, and promote ads to generate buyers or sellers on demand.

Here is a list of some of the most frequently run offers you can use to generate leads:

  • “The Homes List” (marketing for buyers and sellers)
  • “The Social Listing Method” (marketing existing properties)
  • “The Homebuyer’s Quiz” (marketing To buyers)
  • “Open House Strategies” (Flooding your Open Houses with new business)
  • “Rent vs. Buy” advertisements
  • “Homebuyer’s Guide” advertisements
  • “Home Seller’s Guide” advertisements
  • “The Sniper Strategy” (FSBO)
  • “The Sniper Strategy” (expired listing’s)
  • “Coming Soon” advertisements (marketing a home before it hits the market)
  • “Fish In A Barrel” (generating seller leads in a “No Inventory” market)

All of these strategies have been proven to be successful through hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing, testing, and more testing. Here is the thing, though: If you don’t know how to target these advertisements the right way, then your results won’t reach their potential. If you don’t know how to budget your advertisements to the right audience in the right way, then your results won’t reach their potential.

To fully ensure you are using Facebook the right way and that you aren’t in danger of contracting Basic Agent status, then please contact me. I am here to help you.

I will make sure you never contract this Basic disease and I will help you have a happy, flourishing career as a Real Estate Agent.

If you feel that someone else needs to see this warning, please don’t hesitate to share it. We hope to cure the industry of all of its ills and help it make a full recovery.

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