What is the Cost of Inaction?

If you are not getting the results you want in business, you are just as responsible for your inaction as you are for the actions you take. 

By choosing not to make a change or take a chance whether in your career, business, or any other area of life you can wind up incurring steep costs, in ways you can’t possibly foresee from where you are right now. 

The cost of inaction can be much greater than the cost of action. Inaction can lead to serious negative consequences—for individuals or businesses. 

The costs of inaction can be vast. In addition to the obvious costs, like monetary savings associated with finding a new system or program for your organization, the costs of inaction can seep into your mental and physical wellbeing. Negative emotions like stress, fear, overwhelm and lack of control are just a few of the mental consequences, which can all begin to impact your physical health in the long run.  

These costs are hardly worth the steps it takes to lie the right foundation and set yourself up as a business owner with the proper tools and people for delegation. Taking action may be difficult today, but the costs of inaction over time can wear you down, impact every decision you make and stunt your growth. 

You have to stop sitting back saying what you are going to do and start doing it. Refuse to allow inaction to rob you of your destiny!  

Understand that inaction has a cost. One of the greatest lies you can ever believe is that you have plenty of time. While I am not trying to kill your dreams, the cost of inaction is greater than you realize. The future does not belong to the dreamer. I’ve discovered that the future belongs to the doer. 

Inaction is a misuse of the seed of greatness. Within every human being on this planet lies the seed of greatness. Therefore, I want to dispel the myth that only certain people can be great. This is one of the greatest lies ever told. Everybody has the potential to be great. However, not everyone is willing to pay the price to be great. 

You can have all the potential in the world but if you never cultivate the seed, you will not prosper. When you refuse to take action on your dreams, you are ultimately misusing the seed of greatness on the inside of you. 

What you fail to cultivate you will never complete. 

As a business owner we must periodically revisit our processes and procedures in different areas within the company. We have to check in on our departments and ask key questions. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? What are my competitors doing? Are our systems making it unnecessarily challenging for my team and potential clients? These are questions that should be thought about and discussed from time to time to ensure that it’s not being neglected. Because it’s easier to continue with established processes, it can be easy to ignore issues that could be causing bottlenecks or other problems in your business.  

Creating and upgrading great systems are vital steps for the growth of your business as well. Failure to do so will prohibit your business from properly scaling because it will always run into system roadblocks as you add team members, get more clients, add-on services, etc. It can create a plateau within your business that has nothing to do with marketing or needing to hire more people, but due to a system issue. 


Inaction can be a sneaky way to cost yourself time, money, and emotional and physical wellbeing. We talk about inaction in your business and the not so obvious costs that can accompany passivity as a business owner. We also talk about the key areas investments that can make a big difference in the growth of your business.  

When we make a decision to break out from the fear of the unknown and the risk that comes with investing in our businesses, then there’s nothing but opportunity for growth. Being paralyzed by fear will cost you peace, health, and the opportunity to have a flourishing business. It may seem overwhelming, but with the proper planning and action steps, your business can be on the track to success! 

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